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Hello & Welcome to Beyond Fitness!

It is our pleasure to provide our services to everyone looking and hoping to live a healthy & fit life. We are truly fashioned by the belief that optimal health & fitness is achieved by how you live your lifestyle. We achieve our mission by showing everyone of our members just how that is done. Our mission is to serve all who want to live a health & fit lifestyle. 

Is that you? 

Personal Coaching

Intense Training

All personal coaching is done one-on-one with a certified Health & Fitness Coach. Our coaches create unique health & fitness plans based on your goals, needs, and fitness level. Your coach leads you through your personal  program every step through your health and fitness journey to grant you the accountability, knowledge, and support needed to guarantee that you achieve your health & fitness goal.

Fitness Plans

Lifting Weights

We customize the perfect workout program just for you. All fitness plans provide accountability. support, & guidance to help you achieve the yielding results you want to see in the mirror & your life for: Weight Loss, Weight Management, Shaping & Toning, Building Muscle Mass, Sports Performance, and a Well Balances Fitness Routine.

Workout Sessions

Workout with Kettlebells

Each workout session is instructed by a certified Fitness Coach. There are many different types of workout sessions that you can enjoy for all fitness levels and ages. 

Nutrition Plans

Lifestyle counseling

Your meal plan created by a Nutritionist Specialist who will work one on one with you to help form a healthy individual personalized eating plan built specifically for your nutritional needs, goals, and current lifestyle. Because being healthy starts with a meal plan that fits!

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