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Sports Performance

Whether you are looking to improve your 40-yard dash, run your first marathon, or increase your stamina for dancing.  Your Total Sport & Performance program will allow you to perform well and enjoy the sport that you love at the highest level of your abilities. This coaching program comes ready to boost the three foundations that every athlete needs to be great, Balance, Strength, and Agility. Our Sport & Performance members are seeing a great difference in their performing skills and recovery time. We will help to do the same with our four coaching components in this program: Education, Sports Nutrition, Functional Training, and Support.  These components assist all our Members in achieving Stronger Performances, Increased Energy, and Faster Recoveries.


Let Beyond Fitness Coaching program assist with your Sports Performance Today!

30-minute consultation required to enroll

High School Basketball Game
Happy Tennis Player
Volleyball Players

Program Benefits

  • Beyond Fitness Membership

  • Customized Coaching for Sports Performance

  • Customized Physical Exercise Program designed for your lifestyle, needs, and goals

  • Customized Nutritional Program for your lifestyle, needs, and goals 

  • Detailed goal-reaching strategies and solutions

  • Custom workouts reviewed and analyzed by your Coach

  • Coaching/communication/consultation with Coach

  • 20% off Nutrition Supplements


You will be educated on the fundamental and technical movements that are needed for your sport-specific training. You will also be instructed on how to use various styles of training to mixing up your workouts as you gain confidence to always be winning at your sport.

Sports Nutrition

Your Sports Performance program comes equipped with great nutritional value to make sure that you perform and excel in a sport. Our easy-to-learn nutrition system enables you to understand cutting-edge nutrition practices that are aimed to improve and boost your physical abilities as you improved health, and fitness levels to improve your performance level for your sport. Our nutritional coaching is backed up and supported with science-based facts.

Functional Training

From ladder work to change of direction drills, we create workout plans. learn how to improve skills like speed, agility, and quick technique, which are needed by most athletes. Your workout retain will improve your cardiovascular productivity, strength, physical endurance, flexibility, and mobility.  Your program varies daily, to help prevent boredom and fitness plateaus. All we ask is that you show up to work out and believe in yourself, just as we believe in you.


We utilize the best latest tool in sport science to analyze your current skill levels which help us assess you and allows you to perform great.

30-minute consultation required to enroll. 

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