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Total Wellness

Would you like to improve your overall quality of life? Would your life improve if you had more Emotional, Mental, and Physical balance, energy, and strength? Are you looking to change how you feel about yourself?
If you answered yes, to any of these questions, there is one last question that you need to answer.  Are you ready to be empowered and live your best life possible?
Imagine a day that you will be in total control of your everyday life. Where you exercise for health and eat for energy and life. Can you see it? Because your Total Wellness program will empower you reach and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. Your wellness program will provide you with all the essential information and tools you need to develop a healthy life in an easy, effortless, and effective way.  This unique program coaches and guides you to living a well life with our four components: Education, Nutrition, Physical Exercise, and Support.  These components assist all our members in achieving functional active lives, with Increase Energy, Peaceful Minds, with Less Stress & Tension.

Let Beyond Fitness assist in your living Totally Well Today

30-minute consultation required to enroll

Meditating on Bed
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Beach Run
Resting After Workout

Program Benefits

  • Beyond Fitness Membership

  • Customized Coaching for Total Wellness

  • Customized Physical Exercise Program designed for your lifestyle, needs, and goals

  • Customized Nutritional Program for your lifestyle, needs, and goals 

  • Detailed goal-reaching strategies and solutions

  • Custom workouts reviewed and analyzed by your Coach

  • Coaching/communication/consultation with Coach

  • 20% off Nutrition Supplements


Your Total Wellness program will teach you how to make a comfortable, positive, and effortless health and fitness lifestyle transformation. This is done by educating you fully, to understand how to harness your mind for what may be causing your health to decline and learn how to turn your body into a health and fitness powerhouse. As you learn the truth, you will obtain and maintain your new life with a great appreciation and attitude towards living a healthy and fit lifestyle for a lifetime.


Control your eating habits through a detailed meal guiding plan. Your plan includes meal prepping assistance, and valuable nutrition information. As you gain the power to control your appetite, you will learn to eat to live and not the other way around. Your nutritional guidance plan will assist you with having a realistic and sustainable nutritional lifestyle that lowers the risk of sickness, disease, and increase the longevity of life in good health.

Physical Exercise

We create a custom workout plan that is a perfect fit for you. So, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or fitness expert, our workouts are customized for you and your skill level. Your workout retain will improve your cardiovascular productivity, strength, physical endurance, flexibility and mobility, and body fat percentage.  Your program varies daily, to help prevent boredom and fitness plateaus. All we ask is that you show up to work out and believe in yourself, just as we believe in you.


We listen to sever your well. We know that your confidence will be built because of personal spiritual development, which will provide you with a more meaningful and purpose-driven experience. We assist you with ways to break old barriers and develop healthy habits and practices as you learn how to win daily. We will help lead you in overcoming obstacles and growing through the lessons learned from setbacks. This time you will be accountable for the goal we will achieve together.

30-minute consultation required to enroll. 

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