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Sports Performance Fitness Plan 

Our sports performance fitness plan helps you improve your overall athletic performance. Every Athlete needs to possess balance, speed and agility. We will work with you to create a personalized plan that fits your sport, goals, fitness level, and lifestyle. We will also provide the support and motivation you need to succeed and dominates in your sport.

Our plan is based on the latest scientific research and crafted  by certified Exercises & Sports Science Performance Coach. We have a proven track record of helping athletes improve their performance. Our plan is flexible and can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Your Sports Performance Fitness Plan is customized and prepared to improver your agility, balance, endurance, speed, strength, and power . We also offer plans for specific sports, such as basketball, football, soccer, and track and field. Our members love their performance enhancement by this very program.

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Body Building

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Sports Performance Fitness Plan Benefits 

From ladder work to change of direction drills, we create the perfect workout plan. You will improve skills like speed, agility, and balance, which are needed by all athletes. Your workout routine will improve your cardiovascular productivity, strength, physical endurance, flexibility, and mobility. Your program varies daily, to help prevent boredom and fitness plateaus. All we ask is that you believe in yourself, show up to work out, and show out, just as we believe you can.​​

  • You will receive a complete fitness plan designed to fit into your daily life, custom-made with specific exercises that is tailored to your sport with step-by-step instructions. 

  • Detailed workouts created specifically to enhance athletic performance are easy to follow and complete without having to guess how to do them.​​​

  • A variety of exercises that target all of the major muscle groups, specifically to your sport.

  • ​A balanced workout schedule so you’ll know what days are for working out, active rest, and recovery, for your body to always be at its best.

  • You will receive a detailed workouts scheduled so you will always know exactly what days are for working out, active rest, and recovery. 

  • Goal reaching strategies and solutions for each workout to meet your daily moment requirements.

  • Detailed workouts that can be followed and enjoyed without guessing how to complete them.

  • To always be accountable you will log in each workout to confirm that you have completed it for that day.

  • To monitor your progress, you will login useful assessment data to track, with modality for strength, endurances and body composition need (BF%, BW% and Body Weight). In addition, having a body composition in your home allows you to measure these numbers at the same time of day each time which is very important.

  • If needed for your sport (bodybuilding, bikini, boxing, wrestling, etc.) you will send in your physique/body composition photos when we start so we can get a baseline on both the objective body composition data (from the scale, see above) as well as the visual/subjective data from the photos. Also, send in physique/body composition photos bi-weekly or weekly, so we can monitor progress. 

  • ​10% off all Recommended Nutritional Supplements for pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout to help assist with improving performance & recovery.

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