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Hear Our Members Success Stories

Meet Coach Carlos


Hear His Story: 

All though I am very athletic. My body's frame and build was small. It was very challenging for me to grow and maintain any muscle mass.

While I was in college I studied and learned how to transform my lifestyle and developed what is now known as Beyond Fitness' Strength and Conditioning Program. I trained and nourished my body for 12 weeks and transformed it and gained 8 lean pounds of muscle. During the 12 week Program I learned not only how to maintain muscle mass but to continue to build my bodies muscle mass.


Since then I have went on to become a Professional Men's Physiques Body Builder Competitor. And after I won my second amateur show to earn my pro card, I then won two professional shows. 

Just as long as it continues to work I will always us the skill and training of Beyond Fitness to improve myself and others.

Meet Keebra

Hear Her Story: 

As, I am trying to stop myself from get emotional, all teary eyed, and stuff.    But, when I found Coach Carlos and Beyond Fitness, I was learning how to beat my own life addictions, raise my son, and start my own wellness company.

I met Coach Carlos while I was learning about nutritional supplements, but what I really found was a life mentor that helped me win, but not in just fitness, but in so many ways in my life. 

I started with the Beyond Fitness' Workout Sessions, and it kicked my butt in every way the it needed to be kicked. But what I am really trying to say is:

Thank you for believing in me Coach Carlos.

Thank you for teaching me so many new things in such a short time.

Thank you for kicking my ass in class!! I mean it!!
Thank you for putting up with all my technical issues.

Thank you for showing me grace and understanding at time when I needed it.
Thank you for understanding how very important this is to me.

I'm really happy, Carlos.  I feel so pumped up and grateful. I know that there are going to be bumps in the road but I am ready to give it my all and do the best I can.
Working with Coach Carlos has been life changing for me, you best believe that.


Meet Bridgette


Hear Her Story: 

Prior to beginning Beyond Fitness Strength & Conditioning Program with Coach Carlos. I was not content with how my body looked. However, I wanted the body from my youth back, with some areas lifted, shaped, and toned up. I also learned that I needed more upper body strength after taking a 8 week fitness course with Coach Carlos.

Once the course ended, I begin my strength and conditioning program, that not only improved my upper body strength, but completely shaped and tone my body beyond what I was truly expecting. 

I still apply the lifestyle lessons that I have learn from the 8 week course and the workouts from Beyond Fitness program do this day.

Meet Deborah 

Hear Her Story: 

I found out about Beyond Fitness, when I was not in a good place in my life. I was then standing tall at 5'4,weighing 278 pounds, and 60+ in years. So, I was just about to give up on living healthy.

But then I saw a Facebook post form my granddaughter and how she lost so much weight while working with Coach Carlos. So, I contacted him the next day hoping and pray that this was the solution for my weight concerns.     

After I met with Carlos, he told me that all things are possible and accomplished with the right plan and coach. So, I started with the Beyond Fitness' Total Body Transformation Coaching Program, and within the first 30 days I had already lost 10 pound of body fat and just about 20 inches came off my body. It was so good that I was actually upset that I didn't lose more. 

Now after working the program, I am 60 plus pound liter than I have been for a long time, but what make me emotional the most is that I can now easily take off and put back on my wedding rings which has been stuck on my hand for years.

I can say with confident that there in no other health and fitness coach program that will work on the inside as will as the outside to transform your life.  If you're a woman in your 50's or 60s feeling stuck, I want you to know it's not too late. Take it one step at a time, find what works for you, that's the Beyond Fitness' way of doing things. Just don't give up on yourself. You are capable of amazing things!" 


Meet Jonas


Hear His Story: 

I heard of Beyond Fitness when I was teaching Zumba.  All though I was working out, I still felt like I had no energy and did feel good about how I looked.

 I met with Coach Carlos and he told me about the Beyond Fitness' 24 Day Challenge! To be honest I didn't want to try it at first, but I still did, and I am glad that I did.

Once I completed my 24 day challenge I notice that I lost 10 pounds of body fat, 16 inch dropped off my body, and I felt that I had more energy. Then I started on Beyond Fitness Strength & Conditioning 6 month Coaching Program.  

Since then Coach Carlos has helped me place 2nd in my first ever men's physiques body builder competition.

I am forever grateful that I gave Beyond Fitness and Coach Carlos a chance to transform what is see in myself today.

Meet Darcie

Hear Her Story: 

This was more than just weight loss; it's been a journey of self-discovery.

It felt like I wake-up one day and I started gained weight. Then one day tuned into years. and been in my 40's with three kids played its part too. But suddenly, my health wasn't what it used to be anymore. Simple things like keeping up with my kids or climbing the stairs left me winded. I knew I had to make a change. So, I tried it all, from crash diets and intense workouts. If you can name it, I might have tried it, and  they all just left me feeling discouraged of reaching my goal. 

But one day after seeing some of my friends, who trained with Coach Carlos, showed me  his Body Transformation Program and I saw how he helped them lose weight and transformed their bodies to something amazing. I  had to give it a try it for myself. 

Then, as soon as I started his program, I felt like there was challenges all around me. There were birthday cakes and social gatherings that tested my willpower. It was not easy, but seeing the pounds slowly come off, feeling my energy levels rise, and Carlos' coaching kept me motivated.  Once, I learn how to swapping sugary drinks for water, eat what  right for my meals, and found some exercise routines I actually enjoyed. I was able to lose over 100 pounds of body fat a lot of inches. I can play with my kids without getting out of breath, I have the energy to explore new hobbies, and even shopping is a joy - clothes actually fit me well now!

Until I found out about Coach Carlos, I honestly thought that even the idea of losing weight was impossible. 




Meet Sean 

TBT Testimony 4.jpeg

Hear His Story: 

What lead me to Beyond Fitness' was that for a long time, I wasn't happy with weight I was gaining. My job at the times required a lot from me, and it was aiding to my weight increasing. I knew I needed to make a change, but I had know idea where to beginning. I needed to start someway somehow. 

When I saw the successful results that other people were having from working with Coach Carlos, I decided reach out to him and learn more about just how to started making changes in my life. 

After coach and I had our one on one meeting, I started my 6 months Body Transformation Program that Coach Carlos recommend to me to reach my personal desired weight goal.  I finally, was able to get start, but more importantly stared in the right direction. The weight came off gradually, but what was surprising  was that my clothes felt different on my body after my first month of the program.

I can tell you that it wasn't easy, but it is absolutely worth it! There were days when pizza for dinner sounded way better than prepping healthy meals. But one thing coach always say to me is that you have to win one day at time to make a strong change. 

I love how much better I felt overall. I have lost 18 pounds of body fat, I have more energy, my sleep is better, and my clothes actually fit well now!                             

If you're thinking about making a change, my advice is to start small and be patient. Talk with Coach Carlos to find what works for you, and don't be afraid to ask for help. "

Meet Mac

Hear Her Story: 

When I started my health and fitness journey I was see a nutritionist and only doing Zumba form my workout. I know that I need to do more and my nutritionist referred me to Coach Carlos and Beyond Fitness. 

After my one on one consultation, I decide to began my 6 month Total Body Transformation Coach Program with Coach Carlos and I did not look back. 

Now, by the time my 6 month coaching program was done. I was down 25 pounds, 24 inches and feel like a whole different person.

I can tell this I will always remember Coach Carlos' three C's, (Choice Commitment ands Consistency).

TBT Testimony 2.jpeg

Meet Phills 


Hear Her Story: 

Because of Beyond Fitness', I now have so much more life!

I can play with my kids without getting out of breath, I have the energy to explore new hobbies, and even shopping is a joy - clothes actually fit me well now!

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