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Body Transformation Fitness Plan 

Our body transformation fitness plan is designed to help you achieve your dream body. We will work with you to create a personalized plan that fits your goals, fitness level, and lifestyle. We provide you with the support and motivation you need to succeed.

Your Body Transformation Plan is customized and prepared to thoroughly change your body from where it is currently to where you want and need it to be. Our members love seeing their bodies transforming as they reach their goal weight and body.  

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Body Transformation Fitness Plan Details

You will receive a custom and concise fitness plan for your body Transformation. Your fitness plan is based on your current fitness level, body weight, and body fat percentage. These three elements allow us to make sure your fitness plan is accurate for your productivity and progress. Your workout routine will improve your body’s shape, tone, and body fat weight percentage. All we ask is that you show up and believe in yourself, just as we believe in you.

  • A step by step fitness program that is designed to fit your current daily life, to transform your body.

  • You will receive a detailed workouts scheduled so you will always know exactly what days are for working out, active rest, and recovery. 

  • Goal reaching strategies and solutions for each workout to meet your daily moment requirements.

  • Detailed workouts that can be followed and enjoyed without guessing how to complete them.

  • To always be accountable you will log in each workout to confirm that you have completed it for that day.

  • To monitor your progress, you will login useful assessment data to track, with modality for strength, endurances and body composition need (BF%, BW% and Body Weight). In addition, having a body composition in your home allows you to measure these numbers at the same time of day each time which is very important.

  • You will send in your physique/body composition photos when we start so we can get a baseline on both the objective body composition data (from the scale, see above) as well as the visual/subjective data from the photos. Also, send in physique/body composition photos bi-weekly or weekly, so we can monitor progress. 

  • ​10% off recommended Nutritional Supplements for improving your energy and metabolism, manage and control your appetite, and proper fueling for workout & recovery.

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