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Workout Sessions

Beyond Fitness is a unique community that workout together in a fun and friendly group environment. All workout sessions are led by a certified Fitness Coach for your ideal mix of cardio, strength, and endurance training.

  Every session is a balanced full-body workout that is fun, motivating, and supportive to help achieve your desired results. 



Fitness Group

Let's Work!

Be Fit is complete workout. It will work every muscle in the body, including the heart, all in one session. This class is guaranteed to improve your Balance, Endurance, Power, and Strength. A certified coach will lead you through a functional training workout using body weight, dumbbells, bands, and jump rope to help you achieve maximum results. If you are feeling the drive to get fit than Be Fit is where you start.


Crossfit Class_edited.jpg

Know Your Strength!

Be Strong is a total functional fitness class that takes your exercise experience to the next level. Combining strength and endurance training with the use of resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and bodyweight exercises. Each class is led by a certified coach, who will lead you through a workout, customized to your fitness level to help you achieve your desired results.


On the Treadmill

Flame On!

Specifically designed as an entry point to turn on your body’s incinerators, burn body fat, and build muscle. Burn is the ultimate combination of cardio and strength training. This coach-led, fast pace fitness experience utilizes cardio equipment, dumbbells, exercise balls, and exercise bands for an efficient workout as you go from station to station. Yes, here is where fat burning is done to help you look and feel great.



Ride Out & Party!

Do you have a bike? Then Lets Go. Hop on your bike no matter where you are we will be there to pedal to the pace of results. Bike is a motivational, fun and result-oriented cycle workout. It's a heart-pumping, calorie-burning, high-energy workout that's fueled by the beat of the latest music, all for your enjoyment.


Yoga Class

Bend, But Don't Break!

Tune into the fundamental of Yoga, and tap into your body's inner strength. In Bend, you will learn to be mindfully and intentional about engaging your muscles to support your body with integrity for mobility. Regardless of your level of experience or ability, your coach will help you cultivate self-acceptance as you are guided through a series of foundational yoga poses, encouraging growth and exploration in your practice while synchronizing your breath with traditional Yoga movements.


Child's Pose

Relaxes & Rejuvenate! 

Are you to find your inner joy as you enter deep relaxation, with gentle movement, and connection to your inner peace?

Look no further than Bliss Yoga, a class designed to melt away stress, soothe your soul, and cultivate a sense of calm well.


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